Moroccan Rosewater Mist 2 oz
Moroccan Rosewater Mist 2 oz

Moroccan Rosewater Mist 2 oz

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RafiaNaturals Rosewater Mist is made of freshly hand harvested roses found in the desert oasis in the valley of keelaa Magouna Castle in Morocco! Our rosewater is produced in a pure distillation from rose petals in a traditional artisan way resulting in an extraordinary aroma water.
Here are ways this heavenly product can work for you! 
Rosewater evens out blotchy skin, hydrates, and regenerates skin cell diminishing the signs of aging. It regulates sebum and it’s anti-bacterial properties making it suitable for sensitive and acne prone  skin. Ideal for reducing stress and anxiety. Spray for better, more relaxed sleep! Every night at bedtime, spray a few pumps of rose water on your bed, pillow, feet, and face. Rosewater is natures finest beauty tonic.  
Recommendations:  Great for compresses on eyes and face. Mist over face after long hours at work. Take along on long trips to cool and refresh tired skin.
Ingredients: Distilled Damask Rose Water
  • No Alcohol 
  • All skin types
  • Product of Morocco
  • 100% Natural - Vegan
  • Dermatologically tested