Moroccan Blue Tansy Serum

Moroccan Blue Tansy Serum

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Our Moroccan Blue tansy is a desert beauty blend serum which calms, soothes irritated dry, aging, dull, acne prone and sensitive skin while fighting wrinkles and is suited for all skin types. Our luxurious blend of wild-crafted Moroccan desert botanical oils of prickly pear, argan, jojoba and blue tansy essential oil is a miracle elixir for beautiful healthy glowing skin!

Moroccan blue tansy or Moroccan blue chamomile extraction method is steam distilled and gets its gorgeous indigo blue color from the plants high azulene content. The Azulene calms infected, damaged and irritated skin and is great for eczema. It has an unmatched pleasant aroma of an earthy, sweet, herbaceous, captivating scent. 

Blue tansy essential oil promotes relaxation, calmness and peace!


Directions: Apply 3-4 drops on a perfectly clean face at night.