About us

Inspired by the centuries old Moroccan beauty practices, RafiaNaturals is a skincare regimen created from natural and organic ingredients. My Moroccan experience began in 2007, when my family had the opportunity to live in Fez, Morocco for over a year. Shortly after, I began to fall in love with the legendary argan oil and hammam (bathhouse) rituals.


For the last 10 years, we’ve dedicated ourselves to crafting traditional, artisan-crafted soaps, using natural ingredients derived from olive and argan oils, herbs and spices. Our soaps and serums were distributed locally and we began receiving positive feedback from the community.


Many popular Western beauty products present themselves as the key to achieving perfect skin, leaving out the fact that many of their ingredients contain harsh chemicals that can negatively affect the user. My goal is to create a regimen that promotes the beauty of simplicity, to teach others that results can be attained in fewer and more natural ingredients. Inspired by the treasures of the Orient, the ancient secrets of timeless Moroccan beauty is unveiled!